Let's talk about intercultural dialogue!

Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Research is a group of researchers from three universities, the University of Gothenburg, University West and the University of Borås. The Research Council is contracted by the Västra Götalandregionen and tasked to pursue studies in intercultural dialogue.

Intercultural dialogue – a tool for personal empowerment and social inclusion

The background to the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Research is the increasing divide between people born in Sweden and people born abroad and their children.

The differences can be found in areas such as health, average life expectancy, education, the housing market, the labour market and voting in elections. The feeling among certain individuals of not being in a position to participate in or influence decision-making processes in mainstream society carries increased social risks.

The Region Västra Götaland would like equality, integration and internationalisation to permeate regional development. To achieve this, relevant knowledge and expertise are required in order to guide development in a way that everyone benefits, regardless of background.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Research

The Center contributes expertise to public administrations, schools and civil society to combat discrimination, racism and excluding norms so that people born inside and outside Sweden can talk to each other as equals.